Is bowls just a Summer game?

No. At Newick we play the full length game on grass from mid-April to mid September and in the Winter we play relaxed short mat bowls in our pavilion. Many of our members play in the Winter in local clubs either the full length game or more competitive short mat bowling.

Is bowls expensive?

No. The costs of bowls are modest compared with other sports such as golf and practice sessions or casual games with friends cost nothing. The annual subscription for new members in their first year is less than £50 and a second hand set of bowls (a good way to go for a new bowler) can be had for a similar figure. With these, grey slacks, a white shirt and pair of bowls shoes you can be up and running and enjoying your new sport. When you get more involved with matches and competitions there are some other costs but these are well within reach of most people.

Is bowls as simple as it looks?

Not really. It is an easy game to begin, learn and enjoy but it may take years to master all the intricacies and tactics that can be employed to play at the highest standard. Every set of bowls is different, and with outdoor summer bowling every rink will play differently and vary depending on weather conditions so there is always a new challenge.

How can I learn?

Our free coaching scheme will get you going with an understanding of the game, it's rules and the basic skills. After that you will learn by playing (with such further help from our coaches as you feel you need) and watching others.

Do I have to join before I have a go?

No. Come and meet us and try the game before you decide whether or not it is for you.

Do men and women play separately?

No. We are a mixed club and most of our bowling is entirely mixed, although a few activities such some Club, County and National competitions are traditionally separate.

Is the Club run by professionals?

No. The Club is run by the members who elect Officers and a Management Committee who together run the Club. In addition all members, when they can, participate in running the Club in a variety of ways such as making cakes for match teas, helping maintain the greens or running a social event. This sharing ensures that costs are kept low and friendships grow.

Do we always answer your questions with a No

No- if you ask us if you will be made welcome if you come to our Club as a visitor or member the answer is a big fat YES