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We are fortunate in having 3 experienced and long serving "BAS" registered coaches all trained and certified by the English Bowls Coaching Society who, over time, have developed a programme which has helped many, not only to start in and enjoy their new sport, but to develop and become very successful over the years.

We are always conscious that their actions and behaviour must remain within the bounds of acceptability as permitted by the policies prescribed by our parent body Bowls England.

Based on the belief that we retain most of what we do against what we are told, we aim to get newcomers to the sport of bowling from the moment they step on to the green, whilst being aware of any physical difficulties, and coaching within that knowledge.

Primarily our system is based on 4 coaching sessions, the first two giving instruction on:

  • - Placing the Mat
  • - Stance and foot faulting
  • - Balance
  • - Delivering and centring the Jack
  • - Understanding bias
  • - Gripping and delivering the bowl along a line and length to the jack.

Following this basic instruction, we are constantly encouraged by the success and early promise that most beginners show, whilst the later coaching sessions, being far more detailed, improve knowledge of the game and help to develop those early successes.

Our coaching does not stop there, as in all sport the odd bad habit or unexplained problem occurs. Even the most successful occasionally request a coach to look at their delivery, foot placement or whatever. Our coaches are always available and ready to help.

Our many experienced members are also willing and very able to answer any query from a new bowler.